Cash back bonuses

Playing at a casino with Cash Back Bonuses is a great way for any casino player to get value on top of their normal casino experience. The concept of cashback has been with us for a long time, and high roller casino players all over the world, live and online, have come to understand the incredible value of these bonuses.

A cashback bonus is based on your losses in the casino. In that way, it’s essentially the same thing as a risk insurance. If you win, you’ll get nothing (except your winnings of course), but if you suffer a bad loss, you will get a great amount of your losses back, giving you an extra chance to get back in the game. These bonuses are usually wager free and the amounts of these bonuses can be enormous when a high roller is playing.

It’s common that cashback bonuses give you 5-15 % of your losses back, varying between different casinos. There are also different kinds of cash back bonuses, with some minor differences between each other that can make great impact on the actual bonus amount.

Best Cash Back casinos and bonuses

Codeta Cash back bonus – 100% bonus – CLAIM BONUS!Codeta Cashback Bonus

Codeta is a hotspot for high rollers who enjoy live casino games. At Codeta, you’ll get a 10% cash back bonus during your first month. There is a cap of £200 per week, and you can get up to £800 in total during your first month. On top of this, you’ll get to enjoy awesome deposit bonuses and take part in other promotions as well. Great choice for high rollers!

The wagering requirement is 1x.

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PlayOJO Cash back bonus + 50 free spins in Rainbow Riches – CLAIM!

banner_engPlay with OJO and forget everything there is to know about wagering requirements. Yeah, PlayOJO is unique in many ways. There’s also a passive cashback that is being paid out in REAL time. You can literally see your cashback growing and being added to your account while you’re playing. Amazing! This bonus is being paid out regardless if you win or lose. You simply generate wager free bonuses while you play! Get 50 spins without wagering requirements on your first deposit.

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No cap cash back bonuses

These are the generally the best cash back bonuses. If you’re a high roller, it’s important that your casino cash back comes with no cap. The cash back bonuses with no cap usually have a lower pay back percentage, but it doesn’t really matter if you play big, as you’ll easily fly over the maximum cap of a normal cash back bonus.

Capped cash backs

Capped cash back bonuses are generally more plausible for low or middle stakes casino players. For example, you might be able to enjoy a 25 % cash back up to a cap of £50. If you were to lose £200, you’d get your £50 back. A great offer for sure, but if you play for thousands of pounds, you’ll benefit much more from a no cap cash back bonus.

The best part about Cash back bonuses

Want to know the best part about cash back bonuses? Here it goes: They are applicable with other bonuses! Even if you have other bonuses on your account, such as reload bonuses or any other kind of deposit bonus, you can still have a cash back bonus active on your account. Due to that, the percentage you get back is just an extra on top of all other amazing bonuses that these casinos offer.

Why would you not want to play at a casino that gives you great bonuses and then 10 % BACK of your losses? You can probably do the math. Even though the cash back might be as low as 5-10%, there’s a lot of money to be saved in the long run.